Thanks to all of you!

It’s all of you that attended the conference, both speakers, regular attendees and organizers, technical staff plus sponsors that made it happen. I think we all had a great time. Great conversations, both during the conference hours and later in the evening. We all got well feed during the day/evening.

I hope you all take your time and send your thoughts and feedback about the conference back to us, we will very soon send out the evaluation form.

Feel free to send us feedback whenever you like, you don’t need to wait for the evaluation form to arrive.

If you write something about the conference, either a blogpost, a small summary or something else we will appreciate it if you notified us. We will try to collect the feedback and link it from our conference page (of course if that’s ok for you).


Now it’s only 2 weeks until the conference. We, the emtacl15 IPC, are really looking forward to meeting you all. We have some very good speakers to look forward too, we are sure we will make some new friends and meet people that are interested in the way the libraries are meeting the future with ever more implementation of tech-based solutions.


The deadline for registration is this friday…

Now it’s about time for you to register for emtacl. Why? Well if you have to choose one library conference this year it’s most definetly got to be this one!

Not yet registered for emtacl15?

What did you just say? Not yet registered for emtacl15?

Well it’s about time you roll up your sleeves and do what you need to do.

It’s still about one month of time to register, but why wait any longer?

The conference programme is good and Trondheim in the month of April is usually in a springy mood.


Are you aware of what you are about to miss out on?

Here is all the recorded videos from the last edition of emtacl, emtacl12. Lean back and enjoy the videos through

Vimeo Pro couch mode:


Here are some of the talks:

Early bird registration for the conference

I hope you haven’t missed out on this?

Registration before 20 February NOK 4500
Why wait any longer for registration?