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All emtacl12 videos now available through Vimeo. SIT DOWN AND ENJOY……..

The videos are “raw” film so everything being filmed is shown, meaning that on some presentations you actually have to skip a bit to get to the beginning.
Hope this is OK for you all, it’s like catching the moment, all the small talks, technicians flying to rescue etc.

Either from or through Vimeos Couch mode (alphabetical on first name for the Vimeo couch mode). If you press the info button you could easily scroll through the rest of the videos.

The videos are downloadable in the following formats:

If you access the videos from the chronological list you press the Clip info/download button but if you choose the Couch mode you actually have to exit the Couch mode and press the download button to get to the same menu.


Link to clickable PDF with all presentations (both text and video).

or read online through issuu:

Richard Wallis replacing Paul Harvey as a keynote.

Richard Wallis:

Richard Wallis, distinguished thought leader in Semantic Web and Linked Data technology, joined OCLC in 2012 as Technology Evangelist.

Richard has been at the forefront of emerging Web and Semantic Web technologies in the wider information world for over 20 years.
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His presentation will be titled “OCLC Worldshare and Linked Data”.

Some changes in the programme

We have had to do some changes in the programme. The most noticeable change is the fact that our keynote Paul Harvey is not able to attend the emtacl12 conference. Luckily we have been able to replace him with an other excellent keynote speaker, Richard Wallis from OCLC. He will give a presentation with the title “OCLC Worldshare and Linked Data”.

Titles of keynote speakers presentations

Many of you have eagerly awaited the titles of the keynote speakers presentations. For the time being there is now 5 titles ready, they have all been added to the emtacl12 programme. Be sure to spread the good news!

Karen Coyle

“Think Different”

Brian Kelly

What Next for Libraries? Making Sense of the Future

Rudolf Mumenthaler

Innovation Management in and for Libraries

Eirik Newth

Forecast for the academic library of 2025: Cloudy with a chance of user participation and content lock-in

Final keynote speaker confirmed

Paul Harvey graduated in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Nottingham in 1990 and later obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science there.

Most recently Paul was the Technical Architect leading the effort to develop OCLC’s large scale SoA-based WorldShare Mangement Services next-gen ILS.

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New keynote speaker confirmed for emtacl12

Rurik Greenall

“Rurik Thomas Greenall is a data wrangler with a keen interest in all things data, from crunching numbers to visualization via text analysis.

Born and bred in the English Lake District, Rurik relocated to Norway in 1998. Since then, he has worked variously as lecturer, graphic designer, systems developer, in industry and the state sector.

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More invited keynotes

We are happy to announce that Karen Coyle has said yes to attend emtacl12.

Karen Coyle is a librarian with over thirty years of experience with library technology. She now consults in a variety of areas relating to digital libraries. Karen has published dozens of articles and reports, most available on her web site, She has served on standards committees including the MARC standards group
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