Year: 2012

All emtacl12 videos now available through Vimeo. SIT DOWN AND ENJOY……..

The videos are “raw” film so everything being filmed is shown, meaning that on some presentations you actually have to skip a bit to get to the beginning.
Hope this is OK for you all, it’s like catching the moment, all the small talks, technicians flying to rescue etc.

Either from or through Vimeos Couch mode (alphabetical on first name for the Vimeo couch mode). If you press the info button you could easily scroll through the rest of the videos.

The videos are downloadable in the following formats:

If you access the videos from the chronological list you press the Clip info/download button but if you choose the Couch mode you actually have to exit the Couch mode and press the download button to get to the same menu.


Link to clickable PDF with all presentations (both text and video).

or read online through issuu:

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What’s happening with the videos of the emtacl12 presentations?

Well it’s a  time consuming job converting the HD .mts format videos to a “liveable”/uploadable format that Vimeo Pro like and secondly it’s a matter of waiting for Vimeo to upload, process and present the playable videos and it’s also a matter of tagging and feeding information, but the light is being spotted in the end of the tunnel next to a big sign saying “Probably finished next week”.

Only link to emtacl12 presentations without emtacl12 programme details

See from the menu item called “presentations”. From that menu item it’s also a link to a PDF with clickable links to the presentations. The list is tried to be organized chronologically. Just the name of the speaker/speakers plus the title of the presentation is stated.

All emtacl12 presentations are now available online.

Finally all emtacl12 presentations are available online linked from the programme.
If you have a text version of your presentation don’t hesitate to contact us, we could add an  additional link to the text version of the presentation in the programme.

The final countdown! Now only 1 emtacl12 presentations is “missing”.

Well soon  all emtacl12 presentations are available online.

Online emtacl12 presentations, three still “missing”.

Hopefully soon all emtacl12 presentations will be available online, 3 presentations are still “missing”. All the online presentations are linked from the programme.

Presentations continuously being added to the programme

The presentations will be added to the programme continuously as soon as  we get the final versions of the presentations, it’s a mix of links to Slideshare, Google Docs or PDF versions of the presentations. Today the 9th of October 7 presentations is still “missing”.

You will also find a link to Flickr with pictures tagged with speakers names + emtacl12.
It would have been nice if you could all tag the photos you upload to the emtacl12 flickr group so that even more photos will show up when clicking the Flickr links in the programme.

The videos will still take some time to edit, cut, etc. so once again we all strongly urge you to be patient.