Month: September 2012

Registration has closed

Registration has closed. Now it’s only one week until the conference starts. Welcome all participants.

Soon closing registration. Deadline: 21 september!

You still have time to join emtacl12, but in in a few days the registration will close. We so far have participants from 15 countries.

emtacl12 on Flickr

For those of you participants that will be taking photos during the emtacl12 conference a Flickr group called emtacl12 has been made. Feel free to use the group and uploadĀ  your photos from the event. There will also be in-house emtacl12 photographers taking photos and sharing those through this group.

Final date for registration has been extended.

Hurry up a register for emtacl12. Why wait until it’s too late?

The best library event this year, are you sure you want to miss such a great event?

The final date for registration has now been extended until 21 September 2012.

Richard Wallis replacing Paul Harvey as a keynote.

Richard Wallis:

Richard Wallis, distinguished thought leader in Semantic Web and Linked Data technology, joined OCLC in 2012 as Technology Evangelist.

Richard has been at the forefront of emerging Web and Semantic Web technologies in the wider information world for over 20 years.
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His presentation will be titled “OCLC Worldshare and Linked Data”.

Some changes in the programme

We have had to do some changes in the programme. The most noticeable change is the fact that our keynote Paul Harvey is not able to attend the emtacl12 conference. Luckily we have been able to replace him with an other excellent keynote speaker, Richard Wallis from OCLC. He will give a presentation with the title “OCLC Worldshare and Linked Data”.