Our very “own” conference doodler/cartoonist

We are happy to announce that we now have a official conference doodler/cartoonist. Some of you might know Patrick Hochstenbach already from the previous edition of emtacl (2012) and his wonderful capturing of the conference with his doodles?

Patrick is working as a digital architect at Ghent University library. My work fields are digital preservation, institutional repositories, data extraction and conversion, digital humanities, search engines and application development. I’m one of the lead developers in the LibreCat-Catmandu project which provides free ETL services for libraries.In the past I’ve developed the SFX linking server with Herbert Van de Sompel and worked for the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the US and Lund University in Sweden. During the evening I forget everything about libraries and start drawing cartoons and comics.

This is my blog: http://hochstenbach.wordpress.com or my Instagram account http://instagram.com/patrick.hochstenbach

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