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Participants find and book their own travel. Travelling to Trondheim is easy, as is travelling in and around the city. The city’s tourist board provides updated information about travel.

Wikitravel info about Trondheim

Where to stay

Participants are encouraged to reserve their own accommodation from the various choices in the city of Trondheim. The participants need to contact the hotel themselves and give them the code and the number of nights you would like to stay.

Rica Nidelven Hotel (NOK 1115/Euro 146).
We have reserved 80 rooms at  the conference hotel . The easiest way to contact the hotel is by phone (+47 73 56 80 00) or by e-mail ( to make sure you get your NTNU discount.
Please quote the booking code “emtacl12” when placing your reservation. We can only guarantee the block-booking price or the reserved rooms on reservations made before 13 August 2012.

Quality Hotel Augustin (NOK 908/Euro 120).
Use the booking code “42862” when placing your reservation. We can only guarantee the block booking price or the reserved rooms on reservations made before 1 September 2012.

Alternative accommodation can be found at Cheap Hotels in Trondheim
Cheap hotels in Trondheim
Hotels in Trondheim

Visit to Rockheim 1 October

(Photo taken by Linda Østbye)

Rockheim is the national experience center for pop and rock. Rockheim collects, preserve and pass on Norwegian popular music from the 1950s to the present day. Rock House is situated on Brattørkaia in Trondheim 5-10 minutes’ walk from the conference hotel.
Rockheim are Norwegian popular music’s collective memory – a systematic knowledge bank that forms the basis of experiences and stories that give people more insight into the music, people and society at large. Behind the scenes museum is taking place both archival research and management of Norwegian music history subjects.
Where is Rockheim?

Reception 1 October Erkebispegården

(Wikimedia Commons)

The area dates back to 1100-12.00 b.c. and the building is situated next to the Nidaros Cathedral. We take a bus from Rockheim museum to the reception, and make a stop at the hotel  to pick up those of you who decide not to visit the museum.

Things to do

While you’re in Trondheim, why not take some time to discover some of its attractions.

Google Map with placemarks

Official Trondheim website: Sights

Weather forecast for Trondheim
Forecast by

Android download

iPhone, iPod Touch,iPad download

Wi-Fi access:

During the whole emtacl12 conference held at Rica Nidelven Hotel we will have an excellent free Wi-Fi connection.

Most hotels have Wi-Fi access but you have to pay a small fee for usage.

When you are moving around in Trondheim city you could make use of Wireless Trondheim

Transportation in Trondheim


Find departure-times for AtB buses and bus-stops in Trondheim
(only available for android).


Taxi Norway – Gets you a norwegian taxi as fast as possible!
(only available for android)

Trondheim photo gallery

Photos taken by Frida Lund

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